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NFL Draft 2012: For St. Louis Rams Fans, Isaiah Pead In 200 Words Or Less

The St. Louis Rams' biggest surprise in the 2012 NFL Draft so far came in Round 2, when, with their third pick of the round, they selected off-the-radar running back Isaiah Pead. I was as unaware of his existence as you might be now. With that in mind, here's Isaiah Pead in 200 words (or less.)


He has a Twitter, which is, excellently enough, @iPead; he was WalterFootball's sixth-rated running back, which left some draft pundits calling this an overdraft, but their identification of him as having "an astute ability to identify blitzers" probably excites Sam Bradford; Mocking the Draft likes his receiving ability, and others have suggested he could, at times, line up as a wide receiver; he is the kind of running back who will get called shifty a lot.


That's all code for, "This guy will back up Steven Jackson without scaring Steven Jackson, and help Sam Bradford if he catches on enough as a running back." Not a terrible haul, but not the kind of upside you asssociate with the average middle-of-the-second-round pick.


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