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2012 Indy 500 Streaming: Onboard Cameras And Race Coverage Available Live

Online Indy 500 live streaming is easier than ever in 2012. Here's where to go and when.

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The 2012 Indy 500 is Sunday, and if you have a computer handy—between our analytics and your reading this article I think there's a 60-70% chance you do—you'll be able to watch basically all the coverage you could handle live streaming online, thanks to ESPN 3 and the magic of broadband internet. If you're into watching cars go very fast, and doing it online, this year's Indianapolis 500 is going to be exactly right for you.

If you're into wondering how that works, incidentally, our sister site The Verge has a fascinating story about it—everything from the in-car cameras to the new a-la-carte sports viewing model to the sheer breadth of the coverage, which spans cable television, the internet, and mobile phone apps.

But maybe that's better read after you've actually, well, watched all that broad, new-media coverage. In which case you should probably start with that ESPN 3 link. For more about the Indy 500, including previews and results, check out SB Nation's Indianapolis 500 storystream.