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2012 Kentucky Derby Contenders: The Previews Continue Friday

Over at SB Nation's comprehensive preview, resident guru Matt Gardner's look at all the 2012 Kentucky Derby contenders continues. He's not just looking at the favorites like Bodemeister and Union Gap and the sleeper picks like Went The Day Well; he's going all the way down to longshots like Optimizer, giving you a perfectly good chance to come out of your Kentucky Derby party looking like someone who follows horse racing more than three days a year.

As someone who's not nearly confident enough in his own abilities to bet actual money on any sport, let alone horse racing, that's all I can ask for, personally: A chance to high-hat the people around me by being the only one in our group on Saturday to have spent more than 40 seconds reading about the Kentucky Derby contenders before the start of the Kentucky Derby.

For more Kentucky Derby information—TV schedules, contender capsules, general previews—stay tuned to SB Nation's storystream or our dedicated horse-racing site, And Down the Stretch They Come, one of our great blogs and, for that matter, great blog names.