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St. Louis Blues, Vancouver Canucks Owe New Jersey Devils An Apology

We all remember Steve Bernier’s hit on Rob Scuderi, right? You know, the hit from behind that gave the Kings a five minute power play in game six? The one that they scored three times on and the one that basically sealed the deal for their first Stanley Cup Championship?


Well, our bad, New Jersey. Vancouver’s bad too. Back in 2008 in a slightly snippy off-season, the Vancouver Canucks extended an offer sheet our the Blues’ current captain, David Backes. The Blues matched, obviously, but in retaliation offered a sheet to Steve Bernier at $2.5 million for a season. The Canucks matched that, held on to Bernier, and the rest is history.


If the sheet wouldn’t’ve been matched, Bernier wouldn’t’ve probably wound up on the Devils. Still doesn’t make up for Scott Stevens issue, though, Jersey. Keep your head up. You never can tell when the Blues’ll get you back for that one totally on accident.