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VIDEO: Tiger Woods Hits Hand On Camera After Tough 3rd Round At U.S. Open

Tiger Woods came into the third round of the U.S. Open tied for the lead, the favorite to win the tournament and going up against a field that has been defeated by the Olympic Club golf course in San Francisco.

Woods ended Saturday five shots out of the lead with a +4 score on the tournament. He'd battled with hitting balls out of bunkers and misreading the greens. Then, as he was walking from the course, through the crowd of fans and media, one of the greatest athletes of this generation clumsily hit his hand on what had to have been a fairly expensive camera.

See the video right here:

The thinking here is that this likely won't have a serious impact on Tigers' game, and it's not like he'd played well before he hit the hand anyway, right? He was ticked off about it, you could tell in the TV interview shortly there after.

Sunday's going to be tough regardless if Woods' hand is swollen, but what a terrible way to end a terrible day on the golf course.