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BCS Reaches Consensus On Four-Team Playoff Postseason Format

The BCS has reached a consensus on having the national champion be determined by a seeded four-team playoff.

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The BCS has reached a consensus on having a seeded four-team playoff determine college football's annual national champion, as Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports reports. This will presumably come as pleasant news for football fans around the country that have complained for years about college football's broken postseason format.

While there have also been discussions about a "plus-one" format to determining the national champion, it appears that there's far more momentum behind the four-team playoff system. Any changes can't be made official until the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee meets in Washington, D.C., on June 26, though. It will likely take at least a year before any changes will be implemented even after an official decision is made, but we could see a playoff by 2014.

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