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NBA Draft 2012: Bradley Beal Insufficiently Awed By Michael Jordan Meeting

Of all the things I liked about this TrueHoop Q&A with St. Louis native and 2012 NBA Draft lottery mover Bradley Beal, my favorite was probably this weirdly atonal answer to a question about meeting MIchael Jordan during a workout with the Charlotte Bobcats. The answer was clearly supposed to be, "Oh, man--it was incredible. That's Michael Jordan, The Best There Ever Was!" Instead, it was--

It was just a meet and greet. There was nothing too extraordinary about it.

Which is a perfectly valid answer, if not the one I would give. In any case, it's a good thing the press has no reason to hate Bradley Beal. If LeBron James answered a Michael Jordan question like this, Skip Bayless would let out a primal, joyous scream and pay off his mortgage early.

In any case, keep this anecdote handy if Beal ends up playing for the Charlotte Bobcats after the 2012 NBA Draft is finished. I have the inexplicable feeling that we might not have seen the last of it, if some near-deadline sportswriter finds himself in desperate need of a controversy a few months down the line.