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NBA Mock Draft 2012: As Time Runs Out, Bradley Beal Remains A Mock Washington Wizard

The 2012 NBA Mock Draft season is officially breathing its last, and with time running out on draft day it looks like Bradley Beal will remain a member of the mock-Washington Wizards as time expires. With their final mock draft the folks at SB Nation proper, while recognizing that things get extremely unpredictable after Anthony Davis going No. 1 overall, handed the Charlotte Bobcats the NBA-ready Thomas Robinson and sent Beal to the Wizards with the third overall pick.

That all makes a lot of sense to me; I could see a scenario in which the Bobcats select Bradley Beal, but I'm not sure they're ready to bet everything on a college freshman who wasn't the dominant presence on his own team the year after they won all of seven games.

But I kind of regret it, anyway; I was hoping for a situation in which Beal's failure to be awed by Michael Jordan would become an infuriating NBA offseason meme, ending with a pay-per-view one-on-one game between Jordan, who ends up winning on a series of baseline set-shots, and Beal, who just looks kind of confused the whole time.