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2012 NBA Draft Trade: Cleveland Cavaliers, Charlotte Bobcats Talk Trade For Bradley Beal

A big 2012 NBA Draft trade could be in the offing, and St. Louis-born birthday boy Bradley Beal could be the subject--the Cleveland Cavaliers, who initially hoped they could draft Beal at No. 4, are reportedly talking about trading the No. 4 and other picks to the Charlotte Bobcats for their No. 2 and picks. That would guarantee the Cavs Beal, and give the beleaguered Bobcats a chance to make some better picks while taking the same guy they want at No. 2 at No. 4.

The Bobcats reportedly have no special preference among the non-Anthony-Davis players in the Top 5, which allows them a lot of leverage in making a trade. It's odd, but the Washington Wizards' recently reported desire for Bradley Beal is going to give Michael Jordan's seven-win squad a chance to capitalize on their own lack of weapons; they need everything, so they could draft anybody. But anybody who wants to draft Bradley Beal is going to have to go through them, first.

For more on Beal going into the 2012 NBA Draft, stay tuned to SB Nation St. Louis.