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Belmont Stakes 2012: A Look At The Triple Crown Race's Biggest Underdog

The 2012 Belmont Stakes, particular media coverage of it, will—until or unless someone else wins it—inevitably, and understandably, come down to one horse: I'll Have Another. Which is not to say it's not nice to see the occasional article about the race's biggest underdogs in the runup to its June 9 date with history or near-history. Example: This Daily Racing Form piece about Ravelo's Boy, whose jockey is apparently as much an underdog as his horse.

Ravelo's Boy joins Guyana Star Dweej—my vote for horse-as-science-fiction-TV-show name of the year—and Five Sixteen as 50-to-1 underdogs, all the way back from I'll Have Another in front at 4-to-5. None of them are likely winners, but all of them are running in a race that—if they lose in the right order—will have a few books written about it, down the line. Which is a very strange way to be a witness to history, if you think about it.

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