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2012 Belmont Stakes: I'll Have Another Is Clutch, According To Would-Be Horse Psychologists

I've seen a lot of 2012 Belmont Stakes coverage so far in my role as SB Nation St. Louis aggregator and commentator, but this is probably the strangest—via's worth-reading mini-biography of I'll Have Another, a quote from trainer Barry Eiasman about the Triple Crown contender that doesn't just ascribe to him human characteristics—I'm used to that by now—but also ascribes to him human athlete characteristics, adding a specific sport to boot.

Which is to say, at the end of the article I'll Have Another, who is a horse who has never heard of the Triple Crown before, because he doesn't understand English, is described thusly: "He has what it takes... he's the guy you want batting in the ninth inning of the World Series... he will not fold under pressure."

Exclusive footage of I'll Have Another batting in the ninth inning of the World Series.

He will not fold under pressure because he's a horse. You want him batting in the ninth inning of the World Series because the opposing pitcher will be very confused and maybe a little intimidated. On account of he's a horse.

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