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2012 London Olympics: Team USA Features Numerous St. Louis Area Athletes

The 2012 Olympics, in London, will offer plenty of chances for St. Louis area fans to root on their own in Team USA.


The 2012 Olympics, in London, might not feature an enormous bird's-nest-shaped stadium, Arirang-level opening ceremonies, or weird and uncomfortable questions about the power of amateur athletics to change or legitimize authoritarian behavior... but they do feature a lot of Missouri and Illinois athletes! And if it's not as geopolitically fraught as the last Summer Olympics, it is at least nearer the central time zone.

The good news is that if you plan on subdividing your nationalism in this way, you'll be able to watch plenty of sports. Our coverage area includes a member of the women's US soccer team--Becky Sauerbrunn--several track and field athletes, and even, if you're feeling particularly, novel, a synchronized diver--Kelci Bryant, a native of your correspondent's hometown, Springfield, Illinois.

I am firmly of the opinion that half of enjoying the Olympics is rooting for people who share a background, geographical, cultural, or athletic, with you; the other half is finding yourself watching things you didn't know were sports a few minutes ago. The St. Louis area will get plenty of that.