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London Olympics Medal Count: USA Picks Up Two Golds, Still Trails China

You might be watching the 2012 Olympics for pure reasons—athletics, sport, amateurism, whatever—but I'm going to be honest: I'm in it for the medal counts. I want to watch the United States of America—USA! USA!—top the rest of the world. The most golds, silvers, bronzes, brasses if they've got them, whatever. Saturday Ryan Lochte put America on the board with a gold medal; Sunday we (USA! USA!) added two more, with Kim Rhode getting a gold in women's skeet shooting. It was her fifth consecutive Olympics with a medal, earning a gold all the way back in 1996. Dana Vollmer won gold, as well, winning the Women's 100m butterfly with a world record time.

For all that, America still trails China in overall medal count—12 to 11—and golds, six to three. Suffice it to say this indignity will not stand; I plan on petitioning the Olympics to include angry, nationalist sportsblogging as an experimental event in 2016.

For more updates on the London Olympics—from medal counts to what St. Louis-area athletes are doing—stay tuned to SB Nation St. Louis. While you're at it, check out SB Nation Studios's ongoing Olympics coverage: