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2012 Olympics, USA Vs. North Korea Soccer Score: USA Leads 1-0 In Second Half

The most geopolitically fraught match of the 2012 London Olympics so far, USA vs. North Korea in women's soccer, is 1-0 in favor of neoliberalism in the second half; St. Louis native Becky Sauerbrunn has subbed in for Rachel Buehler, making her first appearance in the Olympics so far. Abby Wambach has the goal for the USA, which has the chance to come out of its group undefeated; North Korea needs a goal to be sure it will advance.

North Korea's women are most notable, so far, for being involved in an embarrassing gaffe that saw the South Korean flag incorrectly placed next to their names and photos during an Olympics introduction. In protest of the mistake they refused to take the pitch for more than thirty minutes at the time; the team carried small North Korean flags prior to Tuesday's match.

For more updates on the London Olympics, local athletes, and North Korean kremlinology, stay tuned to SB Nation St. Louis. Or don't; England, at least, is a free country.