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2012 Olympic Medal Count: USA Opens 10-Medal Lead On China Before Friday's Action

For the first time since the 2012 London Olympics began Team USA opened up a sizable lead over China in the all-important 2012 Olympic medal count chart, taking a 10-medal lead in the overall count and going up two gold medals while they were at it. Overall it's 90 (39/25/26) to 80 (37/24/19) as the Olympics head into their final weekend, thanks to another excellent set of American performances in track and field, including the gold and silver medals in the decathlon.

Past the America-China battle there's Russia, hanging in at its bizarre number three with a poorly distributed 56 (12/21/23) to Great Britain's 52 (25/13/14.) Germany held onto fifth place, finishing the day at 37 (10/16/11.)

As ever, for more information check out the national's 2012 London Olympics hub; for an always-up-to-date look at the Olympic medal count derby, for nationalists from America to Zimbabwe, we recommend's Olympic Medal Tracker. (Thanks to which: A shoutout to Hungary, who has eight gold medals—three more than sixth-place Japan—but only seven silver and bronze. Good luck getting rid of Viktor Orban, you guys.)