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London Olympics 2012: USA Vs. Argentina Basketball Live Again On NBC Sports

If you've yet to tire of pre-Redeem-Team rematches, take heart: Team USA's second basketball matchup with Argentina in the 2012 London Olympics will be airing live on NBC Sports at 2:30 PM CDT as Manu Ginobili and company meet with the Americans in the semifinal for the third consecutive Olympics. The winner will get the winner of the Russia vs. Spain game earlier in the day in the gold medal match.

For Argentina, it's a chance to prove 2004 wasn't just a product of American weakness; for America, it's a chance to extend their run of Olympic dominance as pressure mounts to create an age limit to rein in the NBA's professionals. For Russia—it's a chance to break the curse of Arvydas Sabonis, I guess. (For Spain, it's a chance to atone for winning a 66-59 game against France, in which the fans in attendance were undoubtedly all losers.)

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