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2012 Olympic Medal Count: USA Widens Lead Over China Heading Into Saturday's Events

Team USA expanded what was already its widest lead of the London Olympics Friday, adding four medals to China's one and pushing its lead in both the 2012 Olympic medal count and its gold medal variant—to 13 and four, respectively. America leads the way with 94 medals overall and 41 golds, leaving China firmly in second place with 81 (37/25/19.) Erstwhile communist rival Russia seems to have solidified its tenuous claim on third place, with a 63 (15/21/27) that nevertheless looks a little less impressive than host nation Great Britain's 57 (25/15/17.)

Germany, who looks to move up Saturday and Sunday now that it's announced its plans to withhold all Eurozone aid until it can beat Great Britain, is far back of the pack in fifth place with 42 (10/18/14.) (In case you're wondering, Greece has two bronzes, which, melted down, would apparently only add $6 to the treasury.)

For an up-to-date look at the medal counts for every country in the running at the 2012 London Olympics, or in case you decide to make a Greece joke in the middle of your blog post and have to look it up, I recommend first-hand's Olympic medal tracker. For a more chiptune-filled look at the same numbers, check out this video from SB Nation Studios: