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Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony: TV Schedule, Watch Online, Live Updates And More

After effectively bothering fans across the United States for the past two weeks with its broadcasting of the London Olympics, NBC is changing courses somewhat for the Closing Ceremony. Rather than force viewers to watch on tape-delay, NBC is live-streaming the big finale of the Summer Games on its official website.

The Closing Ceremony, which is expected to a star-studded event, will still be broadcast on tape-delay for television viewers in all time zones, but now fans interested in actually watching the event live will have an option.

Every single event in the London Olympics has been streamed live on NBC's website other than the Opening Ceremony, and NBC appears to recognize the backlash that occurred when viewers were unable to watch that event live.

Instead of forcing viewers to watch a tape-delay, NBC will be live-streaming the Closing Ceremony beginning at 4 p.m. ET on Sunday this time around. Those that prefer to watch it on television can do so if they're willing to wait a few hours, though.

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