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Fantasy Football Rankings 2012: How Much Does St. Louis Rams RB Steven Jackson Have Left?

Steven Jackson is 29 with a potential future starter right behind him. Will 2012 be another solid campaign or the beginning of the end?

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Steven Jackson has long been one of the few bright spots for a perpetually rebuilding St. Louis Rams team. He's also been a bright spot for fantasy football players for years. Will that continue to be the case in 2012? sees Jackson as a second running back and the No. 14 ranked RB overall, which will make him a starter on most fantasy teams. He had a solid, if unspectacular, 1,478 yards from scrimmage and six touchdowns, a number the site thinks will improve. Jackson's also reported to be in great shape, tweeting himself that he's down to 5.1 percent body fat.

At 29 and a workhorse since 2004, the biggest question for Jackson will be how much he as left. The Rams drafted running back Isaiah Pead in the second round, who will either keep Jackson fresh enough to gain some burst back or take enough carries from Jackson for the veteran to see a big drop in numbers.

There have been few players as consistently excellent as Jackson for several years, but with a lot of tread on the tires and a potential running back of the future on his heels, it remains to be seen if 2012 will be a bounce-back season or the beginning of the end.

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