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Sam Bradford Injury: Rams QB Could Require Ankle Surgery After The Season

St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford could need ankle surgery after the 2012 season, reports Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports. A decision on that will depend how he handles the ups and downs of the regular season.

Bradford suffered a high ankle sprain last season in Week 6 against Green Bay. He returned after just two weeks amid criticism that the team was rushing him back into the fold. Sure enough, the injury bothered him all season. He missed four more games after his initial stint on the shelf for a total of six games all season.

The quarterback has not made it a secret that his ankle is still not 100 percent, though he says it is not impacting his play. Head coach Jeff Fisher has also maintained that Bradford's ankle is not a problem for him and will not negatively effect his work this season.

Bradford's ankle will be among the most closely watched body parts in St. Louis, especially since the franchise has its success riding on his ability to rebound.

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