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Sam Bradford Injury Talk Continues To Swirl Around Surgery Amid Quarterback's Denial

Sam Bradford injury talk continues to swirl around St. Louis Rams camp, but the team's inability to banish last year's high ankle sprain from the conversation seems more contingent on their trouble managing the conversation than Sam Bradford's ankle. Bradford, in particular, seems unable to avoid pouring implicit gasoline on everything—in the offseason he seemed to meet every chance to deny his ankle sprain was a problem with a near-denial that only got people more concerned.

Thursday, at least, Bradford seemed to get better at messaging. After rumors came out that he'd require surgery on that ankle sometime this year, he denied that was a possibility—Jim Thomas quotes him as saying it would be "news to [him] that he needed surgery."

But even then Sam Bradford was unable to avoid finishing things off. Instead of saying it's-fine-and-I-feel-great and shut up, he said "Until it causes me to miss reps or miss time, it's a non-issue."

What that really means is that it is an issue, it's just that he's playing through it. Right?