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Rams QB Sam Bradford 'Tired Of Talking About The Ankle'

Those who cover the St. Louis Rams have apparently been asking a familiar question of quarterback Sam Bradford, and he's tired of it.

A question about whether Bradford might need ankle surgery after the season if his severely sprained left ankle from last season continues to be problematic set off the third-year quarterback to some extent.

Bradford said he was "tired of talking about the ankle" and until it causes him to miss snaps or games, it is a non-issue, he said in this story from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Bradford missed six games last season. In other games, he tried to play through the injury, but in the end could not.

Bradford elected not to have surgery and instead rehabilitated the ankle naturally. He has looked strong and healthy in Rams training camp and in their lone preseason game, which could explain why the question about surgery perturbed him.

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