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Steven Jackson Does Some Pro Athlete Humblebragging Before Rams Vs. Chiefs

The St. Louis Rams take on the Kansas City Chiefs Saturday night, but before we get into gameday mode I think it's worth singling out this stupendous Steven Jackson humblebrag, from this must-read post on Turf Show Times. Take it away, future Hall-of-Famer:

Soft tissue [injuries] had nothing to do with conditioning. It's just a gift and a curse. With my body fat being so low, I'm always going to have those kind of issues... you're susceptible to pulls like that when your body fat is that low.

You bet, champ.

Jackson rushed the ball four times for 17 yards in the Rams' 38-3 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, and while it's true that the Rams will be trying for a long look at rookie complementary back Isaiah Pead, it's safe to guess that we'll see Jackson more as the pretend football schedule marches on.

But only one thing's certain: Jackson will continue to suffer from soft tissue injuries, because the poor guy just has too many muscles and not enough fat. You know how that is, right? Or is it just me and SJ39?