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Rams Vs. Chiefs: St. Louis Scores To Lead 7-0, Sam Bradford Looks Basically Perfect

The Governor's Cup game between the St. Louis Rams and the Kansas Chiefs hasn't yet gone 10 minutes, but you'll have to excuse Rams fans for all the premature high-fiving—for the first time since somewhere in the middle of the last year, their offense looked outstanding. Even if it was just the preseason—it's hard not to enjoy Sam Bradford throwing the deep ball, Steven Jackson breaking a long run, and Lance Kendricks, preseason hero Lance Kendricks, catching a ball and getting through with it for the touchdown.

Bradford is the most exciting news, of course—everybody was terrified about his ankle injury during the week, which only served to distract us from the approaching specter of his potential mediocrity.

Which is all to say: It's been a bad couple of years, so Rams fans will take anything they can get, even if it's a first-drive preseason touchdown against the 7-9 Kansas City Chiefs. That Sam Bradford looked like the superstar we all hoped he would be when he was drafted made it all even better. (And that Steven Jackson isn't broken-down and depressed about having played for the Rams is even, uh, better-er.)