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Sam Bradford Stars In St. Louis Rams' Preseason Contest Vs. Chiefs

After a week spent worrying about his injured ankle and wondering whether he'd ever be the star they wanted, St. Louis Rams fans were greeted in Saturday night's first half vs. the Kansas City Chiefs with a glimpse at the Sam Bradford they always wanted. Bradford was dominant in two series out of three with the first unit, throwing for two touchdowns on a 6-for-9, 102-yard performance. The usual targets starred—Danny Amendola caught three balls for 58 yards and a touchdown, Lance Kendricks added one more, and Steve Smith picked up a first down—but if Bradford can play like that it doesn't much matter who he's throwing to.

Of course, it helps that he didn't get sacked—Rodger Saffold and the Rams' offensive line, much maligned for more than a year, now, did a great job of giving Bradford time to throw, and he made the most of it.

Bradford was replaced in the offense by Kellen Clemens, who emerged as the Rams' backup quarterback in the midst of the scrambling to replace both Bradford and A.J. Feeley last year. He finished the half off going 5-for-7 with 34 yards and running the ball once for 22 more.