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Brian Quick Injury Update: Early St. Louis Rams Comments Suggest Back Spasms Aren't Serious

The St. Louis Rams nearly managed to make their 31-17 win over the Kansas City Chiefs into a bad thing on Saturday night, when rookie wide receiver Brian Quick suffered a back injury in the third quarter. Quick, their second pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, is The Upside Guy in their long-despised wide receiving corps; he's big and fast and has tools out Justin Blackmon's wazoo. If he were out for a long time, the Rams wouldn't be much worse, necessarily, since he's also raw (as Justin Blackmon's wazoo after all those tools came out), but they'd be less exciting. And you'd have to see Brandon Gibson more, for better or worse.

Luckily—or unluckily, for people still holding out hope that Danario Alexander will make the roster—Quick's problem doesn't appear to be serious. (Here's Turf Show Times's rapid update.) He'd actually had a pretty solid game up to that point, working with Kellen Clemens and Austin Davis and catching three balls for 20 yards.

So: Quick might not be a worldbeater right away, but you'll get to dream on him for the rest of the preseason. More from the Rams' win over the Chiefs: