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Pedro Alvarez Ends The St. Louis Cardinals' Endless Game, Survives On Their Largesse

In case you were wondering about Pedro Alvarez's performance this year against the St. Louis Cardinals—after he hit a 19th-inning homer off Barret Browning, thereby cementing his position as a 2012 arch-nemesis and ending the Cardinals' endless game—I paid Baseball-Reference a visit: He's hitting .333 against the Cardinals. with a slugging percentage of .644 on four home runs and 16 RBI.


Against the rest of baseball, he's hitting .218 with 18 home runs, 46 RBI, and a slugging percentage of .442.


This is the terrible reality of the situation: If it weren't for how well Pedro Alvarez has hit against the St. Louis Cardinals, he probably wouldn't have had his job Sunday, when he sank the St. Louis Cardinals. The reigning world champions are the only thing keeping Pedro Alvarez from being declared, completely and finally, a bust. They're the reason he has an OPS of nearly .900 against teams over .500 and an OPS of .652 against teams under .500.


If this is some kind of long-troll attempt, on the Cardinals' part, to have the Pirates continue to carry a defensively deficient strikeout machine at third base, now is the time to stand down: We've won, such as it is.