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Danario Alexander Injury: St. Louis Rams Likely To Be Without Alexander Again Sunday

The St. Louis Rams are looking to change their culture in 2012, but one thing, so far, has remained the same: The constant threat of a Danario Alexander injury. Turf Show Times reports Alexander's likely to miss Sunday's preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys; he's yet to play this year, suffering from, for a change of pace, hamstring problems.

This could be the end of the road for the Rams and Alexander; the former Mizzou star is already looking like an afterthought, despite the Rams' not-especially-strong wide receiver corps. It's been a shame: In two partial seasons with the Rams he's proven, when healthy, to be their most dynamic option, a player who, with two healthy knees, would be a future No. 1. In 2011 he was their best receiver not named Brandon Lloyd, catching 26 balls for 431 yards and two touchdowns in four starts.

Even if he improves over the remainder of the preseason, it's hard to see the Rams devoting a roster spot to a player who's proven unable to stay healthy over a 16-game NFL season. For better or worse, the rangy-high-potential-wide-receiver tag appears to have been passed permanently to rookie Brian Quick.