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St. Louis Rams' Fake Mustache World Record Attempt Could Please, Disturb Jeff Fisher

The St. Louis Rams are attempting to break the fake mustache world record, and provided they're able to get 228 fans who don't already have real mustaches into the Edward Jones Dome for their home opener against the Washington Redskins that could be a real possibility. Here's the complicating factor: They're doing it for Jeff Fisher, their new head coach. As housewarming gifts go, I probably get more use out of my toaster oven. (It's like a toaster and an oven! Nobody tells you that!)


There's also this important question: Will this impress Jeff Fisher? Will it make him feel at home? Or will it just seem really creepy? I guess it's better than that time everybody in the dome scowled and looked disappointed to welcome Steve Spagnuolo.


This is without even taking into account the possibility, raised by Turf Show Times, that this is really just an attempt to build an army of Tony Softli clones. All things considered, this does at least show that this Rams team is more ambitious than it's been since Mike Martz was ousted. I was just hoping they'd be ambitious about offense, say, and not mustaches.