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Jeff Fisher, Rams Taking More Risks During 2012 Preseason

In the last 17 seasons, the Rams have averaged just over one fourth-down attempt per game. During Jeff Fisher's time with the Titans and Oilers, he was a similarly conservative play-caller. Yet during the 2012 preseason, Fisher's Rams have gone for it on fourth down six times.

One of those fourth-down attempts resulted in an 8-yard touchdown pass and two other attempts were successfully converted into first downs. But why the change of heart for Fisher? According to the coach, it's just because it's preseason.

"In the preseason, why not try to make plays on offense?" Fisher told Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. "So that's basically it. Obviously the philosophy changes during the regular season -- (with) momentum, flow and field position."

So while the philosophy may change come time for the regular season, the offensive players can expect to continue to enjoy aggressive play-calls during the preseason. Something wide receiver Danny Amendola will surely enjoy.

"I enjoy it immensely," Amendola told Thomas. "I don't like punting. I'm not a punter, I'm not on the punt team, so I don't like it."

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