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Rams Vs. Cowboys: Sam Bradford Sacked In First Series Saturday Night

The Dallas Cowboys broke through the St. Louis Rams' new offensive line Saturday night during the Rams' first offensive series in Cowboys Stadium, with Sam Bradford going down for an eight-yard loss a week after the offensive line held vs. the Kansas City Chiefs and he put together his most impressive performance since injuries struck last season. It was a bad case of deja vu for Rams fans; their season depends on Bradford's ability to stay upright long enough to pass to the new wide receivers.

Bradford was 1-for-2 in the first series, missing on a pass to Lance Kendricks but connecting for 14 yards to Brandon Gibson. Tony Romo's excellent start—6-for-10, 126 yards and one touchdown—gives the impression that there'll be the usual whispers about Bradford's future if he and the offensive line aren't able to stay synchronized in the next drive.

Fisher's been cagey about just how much his starters will play over the rest of the preseason, but it'd be nice to see Bradford get a few more chances—if that doesn't mean the offensive line kills him.