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Rams Vs. Cowboys Score: Tony Romo Connects With Dwayne Harris To Give Dallas 10-0 Lead

The Dallas Cowboys were held to a field goal after a long first drive against the St. Louis Rams Saturday, but the Rams' secondary couldn't hold them a second time—Tony Romo connected on a 61-yard touchdown pass to Dwayne Harris to put the Cowboys up 10-0, a drive after the Rams' offensive line was unable to give Sam Bradford time to work.

Romo's now 6-for-10 with 126 yards on the night. He's been able to find all his targets—even beleaguered running back Felix Jones, who has a 14-yard reception to his credit. Harris, who's seen a lot of preseason action, is still looking for his first career regular-season reception after latching onto the Cowboys last season as a return man, following his selection in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft. This should help.

The Rams' defense continues to show promise in its first preseason under new head coach Jeff Fisher, but it'll make, all season, the kind of young-player mistakes that a veteran like Tony Romo will eventually figure out how to exploit.