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Rams Vs. Cowboys Score: Dwayne Harris Is Tony Romo's New Best Friend

The Dallas Cowboys exploited the St. Louis Rams' young secondary relentlessly in the first quarter of their preseason matchup Saturday night, with Tony Romo finishing 9-for-13 with 198 yards and two touchdowns. You might not be too shocked that these Rams trail these Cowboys by a score of 17-3, but it hasn't all been seasoned veterans against scrappy underdogs: Romo's most devastating target so far, with two touchdowns and 99 yards receiving, has been Dwayne Harris, a sixth-rounder who didn't catch a single pass last year.

That's likely to change, based on Saturday night's performance. Harris's first touchdown came on a 61-yard reception, and his second came as he avoided two touchdowns to take the ball 28 yards into the end zone. Romo targeted multiple receivers all quarter, but Harris had the two hammer-blows to the Rams' defense.

The Rams' offense, meanwhile, has sputtered, with Sam Bradford getting sacked twice and the only points coming on a 55-yard field goal from impressive rookie kicker Greg Zuerlein. Aside from a nice pass down the sideline to Lance Kendrick, the offense hasn't shown much at all; the special teams have been better at moving the ball downfield, with Isaiah Pead breaking off kick returns over 30 and 40 yards.