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St. Louis Rams Roster Cuts Figure To Include Danario Alexander This Year

NFL Cuts 2012: The St. Louis Rams' roster cuts leave Danario Alexander on the shakiest side of the bubble.

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I am not ready to put money down on this, but that's only because I'm poor: We're just about to the part of the NFL preseason when roster cuts begin in earnest, and Danario Alexander, for two years now the St. Louis Rams' only wide receiver worth thinking good thoughts about, is probably not going to make the Rams' regular-season roster.

I can be more positive about this: If Danario Alexander is going to make the Rams' roster this year, he should probably find his way onto the field. He's missed all three preseason games so far with a hamstring injury that's dogged him since last season, and the specter of his career-threatening knee surgeries looms just behind that. The Rams, meanwhile, have Brian Quick and Chris Givens to look out for now, along with a healthy Danny Amendola and the not-quite-as-injury-prone Steve Smith.

Alexander's shown enough potential that I don't think a preseason cut will end his career if he wants to go on, and maybe it'd be good for his health, mental and physical, to leave all the Mizzou alums and the constantly changing offenses behind.

At least, I hope that's the case: Because much as I like the guy, I can't see him coming back this year.