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Jason Smith Trade Reaction: Rams Make Risky Move?

The St. Louis Rams flipped disappointing right tackle Jason Smith for the New York Jets' Wayne Hunter on Monday.

The trade comes after Smith accepted a pay cut in April, then found himself behind Barry Richardson on the Rams' depth chart this preseason.

Smith didn't live up to the expectations that came with being the No. 2 overall pick, but does that mean that St. Louis should have given up on him? Ryan Van Bibber of Turf Show Times isn't high on the deal, saying that it is "trading one problem for another, potentially creating a bigger problem":

On the surface, this is not a good deal at all for the Rams. Smith was improving his play under offensive line coach Paul Boudreau. Hunter and Richardson were two of the worst tackles in the league last season. Hunter had already been benched for the Jets after allowing constant pressure on their quarterbacks.

The Rams are doubling down on their commitment to Richardson as a starter, a potentially risky move given that their season rests on the shoulders of a quarterback struggling with pressure.

I'm really perplexed by this move. Smith was no great shakes, but his play in the preseason had improved over his play in the past. The situation at right tackle is a real concern, even more so now.

The 31-year-old Hunter started all 16 games for the Jets last season, but lost his spot on the depth chart to Austin Howard.

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