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Danario Alexander Among The St. Louis Rams' Roster Cuts

The St. Louis Rams' most painful cut Monday afternoon was one of their least surprising: The Rams waived Danario Alexander, a Mizzou alum and periodically the best wide receiver in Sam Bradford's arsenal, after a preseason filled with hamstring injuries amid a career filled with, well, knee and hamstring injuries.

Alexander was on the bubble even before he proved unable to play in the Rams' first three preseason games. With Brian Quick and Chris Givens in need of playing time, and Danny Amendola back on the active roster after a year spent recovering from injuries, the Rams didn't have much room for a receiver who couldn't stay on the field from week to week.

If it's any consolation for Danario Alexander fans, I'm not sure anybody could have predicted the success Laurent Robinson, the Rams' last wide receiver castoff, had in his first season out of town. If Alexander can stay upright long enough to work out for some other teams, he's likely to get offers. He was, after all—terrifyingly enough—the Rams' best wide receiver last year.