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Blues Defenseman Alex Pietrangelo To Have Minor Surgery. Should Be Fine For Camp, Whenever That Is.

Don't worry, Blues fans. I know nothing can send you into a tizzy more than one of the team's key players getting injured, but this isn't that bad. Alex Pietrangelo will be having surgery on his something or another, because the team's not releasing the info. All it's released is it is a "lower body injury." It might be related to the Dwight King check into the boards during game one of the second round playoff series against the Kings, but then again, it might not be. That injury was a nasty knee sprain that threw off the Blues' whole defense during the second round.


Anyway, the injury doesn't sound severe, seeing as it's something Petro elected to do instead of something that the team doctors are having him do. He should be ready by the start of training camp, and seeing as how camp might be delayed thanks to a lockout, he might be really ready by the start of camp.