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Jason Smith Trade: Wayne Hunter 'One Of Jets Worst Players'

St. Louis Rams fans became resigned to the struggles of former No. 2 overall pick Jason Smith, but while the grass is usually greener on the other side, that may not be the case in the Smith deal.

Wayne Hunter, the offensive lineman they acquired from the New York Jets, has an even worse reputation amongst Jets fans. Over at Gang Green Nation, they aren't exactly shedding tears about Hunter's departure:

That said, the Jets were not looking to trade Hunter due to his guaranteed $2+ million contract. However, the Rams came to the Jets with this proposal, and the Jets seemingly chose to put Hunter out of his misery. In the end, I really feel bad for the fans over in St. Louis. This offseason, the Rams have acquired Brian Schottenheimer, Matthew Mulligan, Vernon Gholston, and Wayne Hunter. Quite literally, all of our worst players.

Offensive linemen are like referees: if people know their names or have a passionate opinion about them, that almost always means something bad has happened.

Hunter's inability to pass block on the edge became a running joke in New York, especially after the New York Giants defensive linemen treated like him a turn-style in their preseason victory over the Jets earlier in 2012.

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