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NBC NHL TV Season Schedule Released; Blues Make The Cut For 12 Games

Wowzers. Talk about what a damn good season can do for a team's exposure. The Blues were featured on NBC Sports Network broadcasts seven times last year, and once on the Hockey Day in America broadcast. This year? The Blues will be featured a whopping 12 times. Looks like winning the Central Division, coming just a few points away from the President's Trophy, and being picked to win the West this year really does generate interest.

The always excellent Steve Lepore has the complete schedule up at the SB Nation hockey hub. The Blues will be featured on the NHL Network in addition to the NBC Sports Network/NBC schedule. There will be four Blues games on the NHL Network, and they even manage to work themselves into a Hockey Night in Canada broadcast or three for the December 1st game against the Ottawa Senators, the February 16th matchup against the Edmonton Oilers, and the March 23rd game which is again facing Edmonton.

Of note is this:

Also worth mentioning: the St. Louis Blues have been thrown into the NBC rotation, with four potential flex appearances.

Big time national broadcasts for a St. Louis team? There's no way that this could end badly.