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Uh Oh: NHL/NHLPA CBA Talks Have Been "Recessed," Whatever That Means

Anyone looking forward to watching all of those Blues games on TV, or in person, or driving on a road trip to see them... put those plans on hold, please. Donald Fehr, in an update after today's obviously unhelpful talks between owners and the players' union, mentioned that "talks have been recessed." Well then.


For how long they're going to be recessed, Fehr didn't say. Basically, the NHLPA doesn't want the league slicing their pay too much, which stands to reason considering that there wouldn't be an NHL without the guys on the ice. The owners want to continue raking in cash, which is all well and good, but apparently don't understand that if they can't agree on what they want the player's salaries to be cut back to/not cut at all, well, they won't make any money because there won't be a season. And frankly, it's hard to pity the owners after a summer of throwing huge contracts around like Mardi Gras beads. As Larry Brooks of the New York Post pointed out, the owners and league apparently have no intention of paying the terms of the contract that the players just signed. In other words, fraud. Let the pity party begin.


This will be the third strike/lock-out under commissioner Gary Bettman. Hopefully it won't be the second entire season lost. Get acclimated with the Rivermen roster quick, Blues fans. You'll be watching them a lot.