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London Olympics Medal Count: USA Takes 2012 Lead In Golds And Overall

Saturday morning, for the first time all year, Team USA is in sole possession of number one in the 2012 London Olympics medal count derby—they've got one more medal (43) than China overall, and they've finally taken the gold medal lead as well, 21 to 20. Russia, Team USA's longtime nemesis, moved into third place with 23, with the hosts in Great Britain taking 22 and long-time third place-holders Japan getting the bump to fifth overall.

Rounding out the Top 10 are Germany (20), France (19), South Korea (16), Australia (14), and Italy (12); Western Europe's hegemony on the Top 10 is, if I may lecture the Eurozone, a reasonable hint that further political integration could be a boon for those nations' economies and nationalistic love of winning the Olympics. (I'm still trying to get my "United States of Chimerica" proposal for 2016 off the ground.)

We'll continue to update you on St. Louis athletes and whatever else we find interesting at SB Nation St. Louis; for up-to-the-minute medal count totals you'll want to check out Sports Illustrated's Olympics medal count tracker.