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London Olympics 2012 Schedule Includes Tennis, Table Tennis Simultaneously, Which Is Awesome

You're going to have to forsake women's volleyball and women's boxing for this, but I promise you, it'll be worth it, at least for a minute: The 2012 London Olympics are about to enter a very rare table-tennis eclipse on your TV schedule. At 8 AM CDT you'll be able to watch the men's team quarterfinals in table tennis on MSNBC and—get your Last Channel buttons ready—the men's ground tennis final, on NBC, where Roger Federer takes on Great Britain hero Andy Murray.


I'm not suggesting you get high at eight in the morning, but if you are high at eight in the morning, for whatever reason, I suggest flipping back and forth between these two competitions as quickly as possible, until you start to think, "Which of us is really on the table?"


Once you get there, either synchronized swimming (9 AM on NBC Sports) or women's water polo (immediately following table tennis) will serve as an equally surreal palate cleanser.


So that's happening. Enjoy it responsibly.