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London Olympics Men's Tennis Final: A Gold Medal's The Last Thing Roger Federer Lacks

At 30, Roger Federer—set to participate in the 2012 London Olympics men's tennis final Sunday morning—has 17 Grand Slam victories, the widespread conception that he's the best tennis player who ever lived, and, as if that weren't enough, a truly outstanding David Foster Wallace essay devoted entirely to how great he is. One thing he doesn't have, not that it will make you feel any better about yourself in comparison, unless you're Michael Phelps: A singles gold medal.

Oh, yeah—he already has a doubles gold medal, from Beijing. Sorry, Bryan brothers. At 8 AM CDT, on NBC, Roger Federer is scheduled to get a chance at that elusive singles gold when he takes on crowd favorite Andy Murray in the men's finals. If he wins, Roger Federer officially has everything you wish you had, including cool hair; if he loses, he still wins, because everyone in Great Britain will think happy thoughts about the time Andy Murray saved Wimbledon from a Swiss invasion from this moment forward.

It is good to be Roger Federer. I don't think that's a limb I'm going out on. Turn your TV on and watch him do something else remarkable.