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Olympic Medal Count 2012: China Still Leads USA In London

The United States continues to trail China in the 2012 Olympic medal count through Monday in London, 64 to 63—a late surge cut things close, with track and field medals getting the United States within one. The USA is also second in gold medals, with 29 to China's 31. Russia is third, with 42 (7/17/18) which puts them narrowly ahead of the more-golden hosts, Great Britain, who have 40 (18/11/11.) Japan has fallen into a distant fifth, with 28 (2/12/14.)

Right now the United States' medal count is largely dependent on swimming, where they have 30 (16/8/6), though track (2/3/4) is starting to catch up. China is working from a broader base, as is their Olympic wont, with eight badminton and seven weightlifting medals pushing them up past the United States. The United States should consider pushing its badminton budget up—they've never won a badminton medal.

For a full look at the medal count, visit's medal tracker, which goes all the way down to the bottom of the ranks. There you'll be able to follow Uzbekistan's hard-charging competition with Estonia.