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Detroit Red Wings Showing Interest In Jay Bouwmeester, Narrowing Blues' Options

The Blues have been looking for a defensive upgrade all summer long. They tried for Jason Garrison to no avail. Then they tried to woo Matt Carle, but he decided the Tampa Bay Lightning were a better fit. That removed the top two defensemen from the market (as massive contracts will do), so the Blues'd have to look for an upgrade via trade, right? Back in June they were rumored to be interested in Jay Bouwmeester of the Calgary Flames, but still haven't made a move.

It seems the age old saying of "you snooze, you lose" is true, especially when there're division rivals who would both like to upgrade and undercut your team. The Red Wings' defense hasn't been shored up the way they planned this off-season, with Ryan Suter going to the Minnesota Wild and Shea Weber not leaving Nashville. They'll need to upgrade through trade, and Calgary's GM Jay Feaster always seems up for an interesting one, so naturally Detroit's eyes have fallen on Bouwmeester too, reports Brendan Savage of

If Bouwmeester goes to Detroit and not St. Louis, where does that leave the Blues as far as defensive upgrades go? I heard there's a pretty solid defenseman on the market, but he tends to be hurt for 20-25 games a season. What's that, you say? Carlo Colaiacovo? Last time he was an unrestricted free agent, the Blues drug their feet in re-signing him. This time around, it appears he's one of their top options in a very dwindling pool of defensemen.