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Seneca Wallace, Brian Hoyer Among St. Louis Rams' Veteran Backup Quarterback Options

The St. Louis Rams cut Kellen Clemens Friday, leaving Sam Bradford without a veteran backup on their 53-man roster, but few expect GM Les Snead is satisfied with their current situation—Austin Davis, an undrafted free agent, is currently their only other option at the position. The good news, such as it is: Lots of other teams just finished cutting their own veteran backups, which means that reasonably interesting names like Seneca Wallace and Brian Hoyer are now available for Snead's perusal ahead of the regular season.

None of these names are especially exciting, of course, and few of them are significantly better than Kellen Clemens, which is what makes the Rams' move so surprising; the most superficially compatible Mediocre Veteran Backup on the market was already Clemens, a Brian Schottenheimer refugee and the Rams' somewhat-less-infuriating replacement for A.J. Feeley.

No doubt Les Snead has a plan, but at this point it looks inscrutable to anybody who doesn't have an in with the Rams' braintrust. We'll just have to wait, with Seneca Wallace and company, until they make their overarching plan clear.