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Isaiah Pead A Non-Factor In St. Louis Rams' Week 1 Loss

Whether you were a St. Louis Rams fan excited about the future at running back or a Steven Jackson owner terrified about his fantasy football future, Isaiah Pead's performance Sunday was so extreme as to create as many questions as it answered. Why? Because he didn't just not play much—he got zero offensive touches, two fewer than his seventh-round counterpart, Daryl Richardson. This despite Steven Jackson averaging fewer than three yards per carry across his own 21 carries.

Pead handled the Rams' only kick return, if it's any consolation, picking up 25 yards. Richardson, who gained 20 yards on his two carries, did nothing to suggest he should get less playing time, which means the Rams' second-round pick is in an odd position going into Week 2; if the Rams want to play him more, it's going to have to come from somewhere.

WIth Jackson on the wrong side of 22—seriously, it's terrifying how fast running back age—the likely answer remains out of Steven Jackson's touches. 21 carries a night is a 336 carry pace, and that's not something Jackson was especially capable of even in his prime. But for now, Isaiah Pead remains one of the most confusing weapons in the Rams' new offense.