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Rodger Saffold Injury Complicates Sam Bradford's Development, St. Louis Rams' Passing Game

The St. Louis Rams have not had a good offensive line at any point in 2012, even before that gruesome Rodger Saffold injury. They haven't had one before they traded Jason Smith for the seemingly even-worse Wayne Hunter; they didn't have one before they realized Scott Wells would spend a month and a half on the injured reserve. And they most certainly do not have one after that gruesome Rodger Saffold injury.

Now we know that Saffold's injury isn't as bad as first feared; he's moving, for one thing, and he could return this season, although the Rams aren't exactly certain about that yet. But this certainly complicates the Rams' offensive development this year—specifically as it relates to Sam Bradford, their shellshocked third-year quarterback.

Bradford actually played his best football, last Sunday, after Saffold and Wells were both knocked out. But if the Rams were hoping to give him more time in the pocket than he's had over the last few years, losing two of their most important linemen for big chunks of the season could force them to simplify their playbook.