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St. Louis Rams' Offensive Line Reeling After Scott Wells Injury

The St. Louis Rams dealt with not one but two major offensive line breaches during Sunday's loss to the Detroit Lions, and at first it seemed like the Scott Wells injury—their free-agent center injured his foot early, and wasn't expected to return—wouldn't be nearly as serious as the other. Now Rodger Saffold, after a very scary neck injury, could be back this season, and Wells, the Rams' big o-line pickup, has been placed on the IR. Predictably, he's not happy about it:

That leaves the Rams with even less depth than they had in Week 1, when their offensive line was perhaps their weakest link. Turf Show Times suggests the immediate future will involve Robert Turner at center; he was Wells's preseason replacement while he was dealing with another injury that kept him off the line.

The good news is that Wells could still return this season, given the new injured reserve rules. But for now, it looks like all the Rams' moves to boost their offensive line will count for nothing for at least part of this pivotal season.