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Detroit Red Wings Sign Former Blues Defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo

Start getting the safe ready, Carlo. It looks like you'll need one to put your Stanley Cup ring in. Carlo Colaiacovo will be having the chance to follow in the footsteps of Brett Hull and Brendan Shanahan as former members of the St. Louis Blues who have found success in Detroit, as the Red Wings have signed the oft-injured defenseman to a two year $5 million contract. The Wings' blue-line has needed oomph since the retirement of Nicklas Lidstrom and the non-acquisitions of Ryan Suter and Shea Weber this summer.


How much will Colaiacovo help? He's a top four defenseman, but he manages to miss twenty games a year. Will the Blues be worse for wear without him? Possibly a little, but this just gives Ian Cole a chance to move into the line-up full time. Would it be nice if the Blues could get a little more defensive depth? Absolutely, but for Ken Hitchcock it's the system, not necessarily the players.